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The Arizona Game and Fish Department Mission:

To conserve, enhance, and restore Arizona's diverse wildlife resources and habitats through aggressive protection and management programs, and to provide wildlife resources and safe watercraft and off-highway vehicle recreation for the enjoyment, appreciation, and use by present and future generations.

Shake, Rattle & Troll Outdoors with Don McDowell supports the efforts of the AZGFD and through this website and page will highlight important issues and events for our users.

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July 4 - Salt River Fish Kill Report
Interview with Chris Cantrell and
Don McDowell on SRT Radio

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Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate and inform sportsmen, wildlife conservation organizations throughout the state, and the public at large on important issues related to wildlife and wildlife habitat and to provide, via grants or other sources, funding to conserve Arizona's wildlife populations through habitat enhancement initiatives.


These plates can be purchased at MVD offices around the state or online, and can also be personalized with up to seven (7) characters with an additional $25.

Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation is pleased to present this beautiful specialty license plate. By purchasing this plate you will be making a contribution to Arizona's wildlife and wildlife habitat. Seventeen dollars ($17) of each twenty-five ($25) special license fee will go to AZSFWC's Wildlife Conservation Habitat Fund.

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At Lake Pleasant this week there was an annual event that takes place that not many people are aware of. On the water law enforcement training.

The on the water training started at 8 am on Wed and ran through 10 pm Thurs night. This is a program that is put together by AZ Game and Fish, Maricopa County Sheriff’s office and assistance from the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Auxiliary had 7 boats underway with over 25 members participating. Also members of the various sheriffs offices across the state and country.

The Auxiliary boats are used as scenario boats, that means that each boat has a certain violation attached to it, such as missing life jackets, burned out navigation lights, etc.

This is an excellent inter agent training exercise that takes great planning to organize. The officers also paginate in high speed chase and live fire exercises using dummy rounds.

A lot of fun and a lot of training was had by all. This shows the great commonalty and support within our state

Lake Bartlett Marina Closure
with Don McDowell & Chris Cantrell
 January 4, 2012

Game & Fish Furniture Project
with Don McDowell & Chris Cantrell
 January 4, 2012

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The Midweek Bass Club held it's Holiday Open on December 29th at Lake Pleasant.  Proceeds are donated to the AZGFD (Arizona Game and Fish Department) for the "Fish Furniture  Habitat" improvements project.
During the event gathering, Chris Cantrell of the Mesa AZGFD Office in region VI reviewed the progress of this project that included the fiberglass casting used to make these Fish Furniture Habitats.